Enrique Quintero Lighting Design (also known as Arquitectura de la Luz) is a design office that follows the concepts of architectural design firms such as Abraham Zabludowsky, Bosco Gutierrez Cortina, Sordo Madaleno and Ricardo Legorreta, with whom as partners have participated in residential, commercial and institucional projects, and also the catering theme has been worked with special depth. 

Among the projects there have been awards in Mexico and abroad prices as the National Award for Energy Savings, which is given to the design that has a performance on harnessing the power consumption without discrediting the effects or required amounts of light, this award is national and is supported by FIDE, so in our design we consider sustainability an essential part of the lighting systems.

Our awards at IES, witch is a worldwide association of lighting based in New York, gives us an important recommendation because it means we can make lighting projects in other countries, and that is something happening now because we are elaborating designs projects in Central America, Qatar and Spain.  


Our experience in lighting dates from 1981 when we took the first courses of lighting in New York (that now they can be taken in Mexico), and the first projects were conducted in stores, which means 26 years of uninterrupted work of lighting design, therefore we have given lectures and graduate courses in various universities in Mexico for fifteen years, currently coordinating an international diploma in architectural lighting in UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). 

 The office where we work more consistently is the one with architect Javier Sordo, which has a bold and contemporary style from which much has been learned. Currently we are working with him twelve projects and these projects have made joint awards. Undoubtedly we have the expertise and knowledge to develop executive lighting designs of any scope and complexity.
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